Applegate Consulting Engineers (ACE) has 20 years of experience on building structures utilizing steel, concrete, wood and masonry. We have performed structural design work in both the US and other countries. The engineers at ACE have over 50 years of structural engineering expertise that we believe is critical in the design of efficient and cost effective buildings. We work with Owners, Architects and Contractors to make their projects a reality and provide the design and documentation to help create beautiful building structures.

Our design experience covers a wide array of building types including hotels, offices, apartments, gyms, warehouses, schools, government buildings and industrial facilities. We have designed structures up to 10 stories in height and over 350,000 sq. ft. in size. Our design work has frequently been with repeat clients who recognize our value as a team member for efficiency and outstanding structural design. We look forward to discussing your project and helping it become a reality.