The structural consulting engineering firm of Applegate Consulting Engineers (ACE) was formed on December 13, 2010 as a resurrection of the structural consulting engineering firm named Steven M. Applegate Consulting Engineers.  The original firm of Steven M. Applegate Consulting Engineers had operated from January 1, 1996 till it was purchased on March 23, 2009. Twenty one months later, Applegate Consulting Engineers was created. ACE has operated since 2010 and has been providing structural consulting engineering services for the past 20 years.

Applegate Consulting Engineers performs structural design, documentation and specifications and investigations for all types of new and existing buildings in the Mid-Atlantic region.  The structural systems for these buildings utilize reinforced, prestressed and precast concrete, structural steel with bar joist or composite steel construction, pre-engineered metal buildings, masonry, wood framing, earth retaining structures and all types of foundations. The firm has extensive experience with commercial buildings, historic structures and the adaptive reuse of existing buildings.